Welcome to Yoga in Bali yoga studio !

We are the nearest fabulous yoga studio in Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Oberoi, Petitenget welcome for you.

is sited on Bali Mandira Beach Resort and Spa at Legian Beach. The studio combines all good elements of nature that creates the perfect setting and peaceful Zen like ambiance to practice yoga.

As you look around, the studio is surrounding by plenty trees and flowers, the so called mystical Bayan tree and Bodhi tree according to the Balinese belief, these trees have tremendous spiritual energy, science proves that these particular trees produces an abundance of oxygen, which is essential in yoga since it requires the ideal environment for Pranayama (breathing technique).. Also you can feel the breeze and smell the softness of flowers and incense from nearby temple.

During Yoga we could hear the water dripping gently from fountain in the lotus pond full of KOI fish and gold fish, that just a step away. There are often noise from birds whistling, squirel giggling. Other sounds come from the blind man playing Degung, Balinese traditional instrument made out of bamboo, we could also hear the sound of the closing waves and ocean breeze from a few meters away. The whole experience is Musical and Tranquil

The ocean and nature generated great energy to the studio. Yoga is an exercise of gaining energy and accepting positive things what nature offers to our bodies. It is also about openess of heart, mind, and soul. At the end of the day we are attained peace, strength, and harmony with our surroundings, balance which is what " Yoga in Bali " is all about. Yoga is Union.

Text by Yogini Imel